Vaccination at your location.


Texas Vaccine Institute

Vaccination at your location


Inluenza Vaccine

Texas Vaccine Institute (TVI) is a corporation that specializes in influenza vaccinations as well as all childhood and traveling immunizations.

Vaccination at your location

TVI has worked with many independent school districts, private schools, companies, health fairs as well as with several churches consecutively over the years of operation and has become their number one provider of Influenza vaccinations.


TVI was created for the purpose of preventing immune-preventable diseases, those diseases that can be prevented through the application of one or more vaccines.


To prevent a vaccination shortage, TVI pre-orders enough vaccines before every season to ensure a maximum supply for our customers, and we are proud to say that we have been able to provide every customer the influenza vaccine every season so far.

Immunization clinics for School Districts

TVI has more than 17years of experience making mass vaccinations and has been chosen for nine consecutive years as flu vaccine provider in Houston ISD, Alief ISD and Aldine ISD.

Nurses, Medical Assistants, & Staff

Texas Vaccine Institute and its staff of qualified nurses and medical assistants would be happy to provide our services to your staff at every location.